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Easy Ways to Retrieve your Remita Receipt in 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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For many people, wondering how to get their Remita receipt back can occasionally be difficult, particularly if they have lost the PDF file.

In order to make sure you have accurate records of the transactions you conducted using the Remita payment platform, you must obtain your Remita receipt.

Remita, a leading fintech company in Nigeria, has become an essential component of the country’s digital financial environment due to its ease of use in enabling online payments for a range of services, as well as the fact that enterprises, government organizations, and educational institutions have all adopted it.

An agent location or Remita online payment methods provide a reference code that serves as payment confirmation. In the future, you will need this reference code to get your Remita receipt back.

The receipt has crucial transaction information that needs to be kept on file for record-keeping, however, over time, it happens that people lose track of or unintentionally remove the PDF file. 

Fortunately, retrieving access to receipts even in the absence of the original file is simple with the Remita website. We will walk through the easy steps in this guide for any user to get a copy of their Remita receipt with just the transaction reference code.

You can quickly and easily obtain your Remita receipt online with the help of this article, regardless of whether you need it for tax purposes, to provide to your employer as evidence of salary payment, or to keep transaction records. 

What is Remita? 

Remita is a well-known online payment platform created by SystemSpecs, a well-known information technology business in Nigeria. 

Systemspecs became well-known for its accomplishments in carrying out the Treasury Single Account programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria, which combined all of the government’s income into one account. 

SystemSpecs developed the Remita platform by utilizing their knowledge of financial technology to offer a cutting-edge method of sending and receiving money online.

Remita has grown to be one of Nigeria’s most popular payment methods since its introduction. Remita’s ability to seamlessly conduct transactions across several companies is a key component of its success. 

It makes it simple for organizations, governments, and people to send money to one another. Remita is used by numerous government ministries and departments to collect taxes, fees, and other items. This covers agencies such as the Federal Road Safety Corps, the Nigerian Immigration Service, and the Federal Inland Revenue Service.

Remita has also been included in the functioning of educational institutions. It is used by educational institutions such as the University of Lagos to digitally collect tuition fees and other payments from parents and students. 

Remita allows private organizations and individuals to open accounts and securely transfer money between their various bank accounts. They have also facilitated financial inclusion in Nigerian society by offering a user-friendly digital platform.

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Steps to Retrieve Your Remita Receipt 

If you fail to save your RRR after completing a payment on the Remita platform, there are circumstances that can justify you attempting to retrieve it back.

Also, there might be a reason why you need the receipt that has your RRR on it. Additionally, you occasionally forget to print that after completing the online payment.

Some recipients of Remita payments made through banks or online may have also misplaced their Remita receipts. 

Additionally, they must now be presented for a number of reasons, such as screening registration, school freshmen paperwork, FIRS, FRSC, NIMC payment submission, etc.

It is possible to retrieve your RRR on Remita’s receipt. This section discusses these techniques. Below are the easiest means to recover or retrieve your lost Remita receipt and RRR:

1. Use the Receipt to Get RRR

You might not always realise that the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) is located directly on your printed receipt if you’re a first-time user.

Additionally, you could not be searching in the correct location when you ask for the RRR. It’s right here for you! It’s right there on the document if you need your RRR and have the receipt. Search for the 12-digit number, such as 3004-5247-0729. We’ll refer to this number as the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR).

The Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) may occasionally be found on the payment electronic invoice if you have it instead of your receipt and you still need the RRR.

The first slip to be generated before paying at the bank or online is the electronic invoice. You receive the receipt upon payment, or the electronic invoice is turned into a receipt. You can find this slip in your email, just in case.

2. Get the Receipt or RRR inside your Email

What happens if you don’t have the RRR and the receipt? Proceed to look for them in your inbox.

You will typically be prompted to enter your email address when attempting to process Remita payments online or create an invoice for a bank payment. If you log in now and trace that transaction, you should be able to see your RRR and receipt if you entered the right and working email.

Go into your email to accomplish that. Look for the invoice. To expedite the search, enter Remita into the email’s search field and press the enter or search keys on your keyboard.

All of your emails will be searched through by the email system, which will return results that contain the term “Remita.” The person discussing the payment you made can then be found.

Your RRR and an attachment with the electronic invoice or receipt for the payment should be included in the email. The receipt is now available for download, and you may print or copy the RRR.

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On the Remita website, there is a link for those who may have misplaced their RRRs and receipts for Remita payments.

In the unlikely event that you lose email access again, this link will come in handy. If you have checked your email and have not yet located the receipt, that will also be helpful.

Go to the Remita website and look for the “Resend Receipt or Invoice” link to utilise this one. 

You will be prompted to input your RRR and send it to your email on the next page. Fill out the RRR and select Resend if you have the RRR and the email address is still active.

Click the “Re-send to alternate email” button after filling out the RRR and another functional email if the first one is no longer available.

Using the Re-send to alternate email will require you to state the correct base amount you paid and the phone number used during the payment. If correct, the receipt will be sent to the alternate email.

4. Send a Request Message if You Don’t Have RRR, Receipt, or Email Access

Sometimes you might not have the resources to retrieve your receipt or RRR. You are missing RRR, Email, and Receipt. What happens next?

Draft a letter.

You don’t have to write a letter in the traditional sense. Simply send an email with the requested details. The email address you used to send them the message will then receive your receipt and RRR from Remita.

To do this, send an email to support@remita.net.

Let the email contain the following information:

1. Name of the payee (the name of the person who paid/name that should be on that receipt)

2. Payment purpose (e.g payment for

FUTA screening/post UTME form,

FRSC ticket)

3. Date of the payment (if you remembered. You can check for it through payment alert on your phone or bank teller filled)

4. Amount paid (just state the main amount – not necessarily including the bank or online Remita charge)

5. Email used (the used while paying)

6. If online payment, ATM card number.

Don’t write all the numbers. Write the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits of the number e.g.


Ways to Get Your Remita Receipt Without Payment Details

You can try the following methods to get your Remita receipt back if you can’t recall the payment information, such as the transaction reference number or the total amount paid:

  • Look in your inbox for the email that Remita sent you confirming the payment. Usually, the transaction reference number is included in this.
  • Go onto your Remita profile and look through the section on payment history. All transactions made from that profile will be listed, together with information on the date, amount, reference number, and other specifics.
  • Make contact with the business or organization that you paid for. Give them your name or any other distinguishing information. They might be able to supply the transaction reference number and examine their records.
  • Visit helpdesk.remita.net or send an email to support@remita.net to get in touch with a Remita customer service representative. As much details as you can recall, such as the approximate date, the range of amounts, the purpose of the payment, etc., will be required of you. With these details, they might be able to find the transaction in their records and provide the receipt.
  • Check the transaction amount on your bank statement if the payment was made recently. The receipt can then be found by cross-referencing this on Remita.

How do I Make Payment on Remita?

You have to make a Remita payment before you may view a Remita receipt. Remita makes bill paying easy—just a few clicks are needed. Take these short actions:

  • Click the “Pay a Biller” icon after visiting www.remita.net.
  • Enter the necessary information, such as the account details, amount, and payee organization name.
  • To create the RRR payment reference, click “Submit.”
  • To finish the transaction, proceed with paying using online or bank transfer methods.

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Banks Supported on Remita Mobile

While all Nigerian bank accounts can accept payments using Remita Mobile, not all banks presently have the self-activation feature built right into the app. Certain banks demand that accounts be added by hand.

The following banks presently allow accounts on Remita Mobile to be automatically self-activated:

  • Providus
  • Access
  • Zenith
  • Suntrust
  • Skye
  • Sterling
  • FCMB
  • Heritage
  • Fidelity
  • Jaiz
  • Unity
  • Keystone
  • Coronation

You can still make payments with banks that aren’t on this list by manually entering your account information after getting your bank’s clearance. In the future, Remita is collaborating with other financial institutions to allow account self-activation straight from the mobile app. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Remita retrieval reference number?

Remita Retrieval Reference Number (RRR) is a 12-digit code that is generated electronically, and it is used for making financial payments.

How do I contact Remita customer care?

All support related enquiries should be routed via the email support@remita.net or telephone number (+234) 700-4-REMITA (0700-7-877678). Contact details are also displayed on the ‘Contact’ section of our website at www.remita.net, which may be updated from time to time.

Do I check my Remita receipt online?

Log into your Remita profile.
Select the submenu ‘Confirm Presented Receipt’ under the ‘Collections’ menu.
Enter the RRR provided by the payer.
Click on ‘View Receipt’
Select the number of copies to view receipt.

What is Remita retrieval?

Remita Retrieval Reference Number (RRR) is a 12-digit code that is generated electronically, used for making financial payments. Before you can generate your RRR Number, you need to have an account with Remita.

How can I track a transaction with a reference number?

Search or track transactions using the reference number. Mobile banking app: Open the app and find the section related to transactions or history. Use the reference number to check the NEFT transaction status. SMS or email alerts: Check messages or emails for updates on the NEFT transaction status.


Finally, acquiring your Remita receipt is an easy procedure that guarantees you have a copy of all the money you spend using the Remita platform. Retrieving your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number and going to the Remita website are the first stages in the process of simply accessing and resending your payment receipt. 

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