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ROCKET 247 (Software and Digital Marketing Agency) | Company profile, Business Model, and Operations

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All you need to know about ROCKET 247 (Software and Digital Marketing Agency)

ROCKET247, an IT solution company, provides development services for mobile and web applications, responsive website development, supply of high-performance IT equipment, professional digital marketing services, exceptional social media profile management, and training and distribution of skilled digital marketers and software engineers to companies and industries.

Our company is the top choice for IT solutions, with a highly skilled team that stays ahead of the latest technology and market trends.

We have a diverse team of employees and partners located worldwide, dedicated to assisting both businesses and individuals in expanding their ventures.

Our primary focus is on driving organic traffic to businesses, and we ensure that each customer is paired with a dedicated support team member.

Our services at ROCKET247 encompass Google Ads, SEO Ranking, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, back-links building for websites, Web Development, graphics designing, social media account management, web management, High-income skills training, business counseling, supply of high-quality IT equipment, business takeovers, professional business management, and guiding the what, how and where of starting a business.

  • Headquarters(on-site): Douala, Littoral, Cameroon
  • Other Location: San Francisco, United States
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Team Size: 10-49
  • 25 Specialists
  • 123 Clients
  • 106 Successful Cases

Our Mission

We are dedicated to transforming the way individuals engage with brands. We strive to challenge the current norms and discover unique values.

Our goal is to address future business obstacles with sophisticated and creative solutions. We aspire to be leaders in strategic technology and pioneers in user experience and enhance market-driven innovation. Our mission is to equip businesses for the digital transformation.

Principles Of Our Work

1. Availability

The key to our business success lies in maintaining consistent service availability. Our team of skilled professionals can help organize your business and reach your desired audience.

2. Analysis

"We assist businesses in obtaining deeper insights into the preferences of their target customers. We gather, structure, and evaluate all relevant information about the project at hand."

3. Time

Efficient time management allows us to arrange and strategize the allocation of time for various project tasks. By having a well-planned schedule, we can prioritize activities, handle interdependencies, and enable our team to accomplish greater productivity in a shorter timeframe.

4. Efficiency

At Rocket247, we prioritize project efficiency by producing high-quality outputs within the agreed scope, cost, time, and quality standards. We offer additional services to support the growth of your business, all aligned with our focus on scope, time, and cost.

5. Security

Ensuring security is a top priority for us, and we focus heavily on it. We take measures to safeguard the entire project from third-party integration. We assess potential risks and put in place strategies to preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of project resources.

6. Maintenace

After successfully completing a project, maintenance becomes a crucial aspect to consider. At ROCKET247, we conduct monthly maintenance as per the clients' needs to ensure that the business aligns with the ever-changing market demands.

Our Process

1. Planning

The process begins with the Planning phase, where rocket247 project leaders assess the project's terms. This involves estimating labor and material expenses, establishing a schedule with specific objectives, and forming the project's teams and leadership framework.

Planning may also involve gathering input from stakeholders, who are individuals or groups that may gain from the project. It is important to seek input from potential clients, developers, subject experts, and sales representatives.

2. Design and Prototyping.

The Design phase illustrates the functionality and operation of a software or application.

1. Architecture:

Describes the choice of programming language, best practices in the industry, the overall system design, and the utilization of any pre-designed templates or boilerplate code.

2. User Interface

Describes the methods through which users engage with the software and how the software reacts to their inputs.

3. Platforms 

Specifies the operating systems and devices compatible with the software, including Apple, Android, different versions of Windows, Linux, and gaming consoles.

3. Software Development

During this phase, the program is actually written. A single developer may write a small project, while several teams may work on different parts of a large project.

Access Control or Source Code Management applications are used in this phase to track changes to the code and ensure compatibility between different team projects. These systems also help to ensure that target goals are being met.

4. Testing

During this stage, we conduct thorough testing of a software or application before releasing it to users. A significant portion of the testing can be automated, such as security testing.

However, some testing requires a specific environment, and it may be necessary to create a simulated production environment for complex deployments. The goal of testing is to verify that each function operates as intended.

5. Deployment

During the deployment phase, the software application or website becomes accessible to users. A lot of companies opt to automate this phase, which can range from providing a payment portal and download link on the company website to offering an application for download on a smartphone.

6. Operations and Maintenance

The development cycle is nearing completion, with the software already in use in the field. The Operation and Maintenance phase is crucial at this stage, as it is when users uncover previously undetected bugs that need to be fixed.

Maintenance activities are carried out for a period of up to 10 months to guarantee the software's effective operation.

Our Services

  • Marketing Management
  • Brand Management
  • Creative Services
  • SMM & SEO
  • Web Design
  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design
  • SSL Certification
  • Digital Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • SEO Optimization
  • Ads Creation (Google, Facebook, Instagram, telegram, tick-tock, etc)
  • Professional Social Media Account Creation
  • Explainer Video Designs
  • Graphics Design

Our Clients Testimonials

I’m so impress with what these guy are doing so far because this all started like a joke now the sky is their limit. Keep doing the good work, guys.

Mr Nde Donald | System manager

I appreciate all the graphics  services they have been doing for my business quality has always been the best. I think the world is going to be impress with what they can do

Glory Mahon | Nurse & Entrepreneur – Nitta Germany


Who Founded ROCKET 247 (Software and Digital Marketing Agency)?

It was founded by Engineer Mbah Deran in 2020

What is ROCKET 247 (Software and Digital Marketing Agency) average cost per project?

Focused on an average project budget of $500 - $2000

Where is the headquarters of Rocket 247 Located?

It is located in Douala, Littoral, Cameroon

Company Co-founders
Umar Faruq Akinwunmi
Mbah Deran

ROCKET 247 (Software and Digital Marketing Agency)
Business Model

The Company major services and product include: Digital Marketing Manager · Search Engine Optimization Specialist · Search Engine Optimization Manager · Mobile Application Developer · Web Development Specialist

The Company was Founded
The Company was established on
April 9, 2020
The Company has its Operational Headquarters at Douala, Littoral, Cameroon
The Company is contributing to the development of the Industry Advertising Services, Digital Marketing, IT Services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Software & Computer Services
Staff Strength since Inception
The Company prides in her team member of about 1 - 50 active members

ROCKET 247 (Software and Digital Marketing Agency) Business Model

The Company major services and product include: Digital Marketing Manager · Search Engine Optimization Specialist · Search Engine Optimization Manager · Mobile Application Developer · Web Development Specialist

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Have they recieved Funding from VCs
Not Sure
Have they recieved Funding from VCs
Not Sure
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Company Net worth as of 2023

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