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Printivo | Company profile, Business Model, and Operations

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All you need to know about Printivo

About Us

Printivo.com is a Lagos-based DIY (do it yourself) web-to-print-to-doorstep platform. This startup is trying to redefine the digital printing business in Nigeria by offering consumers and SMEs a radically easy and practical model for meeting their printing requirements. 

The startup helps SMEs by printing and delivering materials such as point-of-sale displays, business cards, letterheads, stickers, handbills, greeting cards, calendars, envelopes, invitation cards, and banners, right to the customer’s doorstep.

Our History

Printivo was founded in 2014 by Oluyomi Ojo, to transform the print industry through technology. The company was born out of a vision to simplify the process of ordering prints, which traditionally was complex, time-consuming, and often expensive. 

By leveraging technology, Printivo created an online platform that allows customers to design, order, and receive their prints with minimal hassle.

Over the years, the company has grown significantly, expanding its product range and improving its service delivery to cater to the needs of a diverse clientele.

Printivo's services are used by over 25,000 small businesses and enterprise clients such as Google, Microsoft, Deloitte, and Flutterwave. 

Our Vision

To make printing accessible and hassle-free starting from Lagos to other cities and eventually establishing outlets across the West African region

Our Mission

Born out of our love for paper and ink, Printivo aims to help African businesses print marketing and business materials with ease.

Our Core Values

Innovation: Embracing new ideas, technologies, and practices to improve and make a positive impact

Excellence: Striving to do business the right way and make a sustainable difference in the world

Integrity: Demanding integrity from themselves and their employees, and operating with transparency to build trust with customers and partners.

Customers first: Providing professional, efficient service with competitive prices to ensure customer satisfaction.

Expertise: Utilizing knowledge and experience in construction, finance, and management to navigate complex development projects.

Listening: Listening to customers for ideas and feedback to help grow their software

Responsibility: Being responsible to customers, colleagues, shareholders, and communities, and taking initiatives to reduce environmental impact.

Ambition: Supporting colleagues' personal and professional growth to stay ahead together.

Our Services

Printivo is a company rendering online printing services. It offers several templates for print products print marketing and business materials. The Company operates a web-to-print platform and provides delivery services. It serves individuals and corporate clients.

The company offers a variety of print products such as business cards, flyers, mugs, and banners, utilizing an online platform for easy ordering and delivery.

Take for instance you are starting a business and need business cards, just log on to Printivo.com, pick a template you like and edit in real-time to your taste, choose the quantity you want, and then submit it and pay with your credit card. We will print and ship to your doorstep anywhere you are in Nigeria.

Our Business Model

The company's business model includes an online marketplace for graphic designers, a service for companies that want to sell custom goods, and a B2B segment.

Printivo's online interface allows customers to choose and customize templates to create business cards, brochures, posters, and more. The company's marketplace allows designers to sell templates for products like business cards, flyers, and letterheads. It also allows communities and movements to sell print merchandise to members and followers.

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Iyinoluwa Aboyeji
Oluyomi Ojo

Business Model

The Company major services and product include: Printing Services (B2B, B2C)

The Company was Founded
The Company was established on
February 4, 2014
The Company has its Operational Headquarters at Moyosore House, 180/182 Ikorodu Rd, Onipanu, Lagos. Nigeria
The Company is contributing to the development of the Industry B2B, Design
Staff Strength since Inception
The Company prides in her team member of about 1 - 50 active members

Printivo Business Model

The Company major services and product include: Printing Services (B2B, B2C)

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Not Sure
Have they recieved Funding from VCs
Not Sure
How many number of Funding rounds?
.4 million
Company Net worth as of 2023

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