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LightEd | Company profile, Business Model, and Operations

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Venture capital, Equity capital
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Private Company

All you need to know about LightEd

LightEd is a company that creates, makes, and sells solar home systems, solar-powered lamps, and other eco-friendly energy products. Our products help people and businesses who don't have reliable access to electricity by providing clean and affordable energy. We use electronic waste to build our solar home systems, which helps reduce pollution. Our solar lamps are made from single-use plastic bottles and electronic waste.

Our team of engineers and technicians in Nigeria designs and makes our products. We offer different solar home systems, like the LightEd Plus System with a 40ah battery and a 1kva inverter, and the Pico system with a 10ah battery for light bulbs and small devices. Our solar lamps come in different sizes and shapes for uses like reading, studying, and general lighting.

We also install and maintain our products, ensuring they work well. We provide great customer service to address any issues quickly.

LightEd is dedicated to offering affordable and sustainable energy to those in need. Our mission is to make clean energy available to everyone, support the growth of renewable energy, and reduce electronic waste pollution.

The company was founded by Stanley Anigbogu and Stanley Omeh in

LightEd collaborates with international partners to turn waste into valuable resources, promoting both environmental sustainability and social development. Their work aims to ensure that everyone has access to clean and reliable energy, contributing to a greener and more equitable future.

Our Mission

To build clean technology solutions that empower Africans to live sustainably by harnessing renewable energy and waste management.

Our Vision

To Empower 5 Million+ Africans to live sustainable by 2035.

Our Core Values at LightEd

The core values at LightEd are:

  • Creativity: We challenge ourselves with radical ideas.
  • Originality: We don't follow trends; we set them, blazing a trail towards a brighter, more sustainable world.
  • Community: We don't just connect wires; we connect hearts, creating a global family of eco-champions.
  • Sustainability: We care about everything staying alive and thriving in the future, including us.
  • Empowerment: We don't just light up homes; we light up lives.
  • Innovation: We redefine the energy game with unique solutions that move ahead of our time.


LightEd offers innovative solar-powered solutions designed for accessibility and sustainability. Their key products include the LightEd Plus, a reliable solar system with automatic changeover and zero emissions, suitable for charging various devices. The LightEd Pico is a portable power bank compatible with solar panels and vehicles.

Additionally, they provide solar charging stations and lamps, specifically designed for students to ensure they have charged lamps for late-night studies. These products aim to deliver consistent, eco-friendly power regardless of location.

Business Model of LightEd

LightEd generates revenue by selling solar-powered products, such as solar lighting systems, portable solar chargers, and solar educational tools. They focus on providing affordable and sustainable energy solutions to off-grid and underserved communities.

Their products are often distributed through partnerships with NGOs, governments, and educational institutions, which helps expand their market reach and increase sales. By addressing the energy needs of these communities, they create a reliable revenue stream while promoting environmental sustainability and improving quality of life

Company Co-founders
Stanley Omeh
Stanley Anigbogu

Business Model

The Company major services and product include: Solar systems, Charging stations, and Solar lamps

The Company was Founded
The Company was established on
August 1, 2020
The Company has its Operational Headquarters at Onitsha, Anambra
The Company is contributing to the development of the Industry Energy, Recycling, Renewable Energy
Staff Strength since Inception
The Company prides in her team member of about 1 - 50 active members

LightEd Business Model

The Company major services and product include: Solar systems, Charging stations, and Solar lamps

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Have they recieved Funding from VCs
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Company Net worth as of 2023

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