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Apple to Utilize Its Own Server Chips for Future AI Tools

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Apple upcoming AI tools and its server chips are presently the trending discussions. Apple plans on rolling out new artificial intelligence (AI) features this year. Consequently leveraging data centers with its own custom-designed processors.

Apple upcoming AI tools and its server chips

This significant move is one of Apple’s initiatives pushing into generative artificial intelligence. This AI is the technology behind ChatGPT and other popular tools. 

Apple Upcoming AI Tools And Its Server Chips

The company is inducting high-end chips in cloud-computing servers. The chips are designed to process the most advanced AI tasks coming to Apple devices. Simpler AI-related features will be processed directly on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. 

Note that Apple will focus on features that are user-friendly and make life easier for users as they go about their day.  Examples are making suggestions and offering a customized experience. However, Apple isn’t planning to roll out its own ChatGPT-style service. The company is said to be planning to access that service through a partnership. 

Apple Upcoming AI Tools And Its Server Chips To Give The Company A Competitive Edge

Just last week, Apple said the proficiency to run AI on its devices will help it stand out from rivals.

Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said: “We believe in the transformative power and promise of AI. Moreover, we believe we have advantages that will differentiate us in this new era. One major advantage is Apple’s unique combination of seamless hardware, software, and services integration.” 

Apple Unique Strategy to Prevent Security Bridge

For years, Apple prioritized on-device processing, lauding it as a better way to ensure security and privacy. Additionally, creators of the Apple server project, code-named ACDC, or Apple Chips in Data Centers, declared that components inside its processors can safeguard user privacy. The company uses a strategy called Secure Enclave, which can isolate data from a security breach.

The first AI server chips to be rolled out will be the M2 Ultra. It was launched last year as part of the Mac Pro and Mac Studio computers. According to the company, there will be further upgrades on the M4 chip. 

Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer, said: “We have our own data center capacity. Also, we utilize capacity from third parties.” 

When asked about the company’s AI infrastructure, he stated: “It’s a model that has worked well for us historically. We plan to continue along the same lines going forward.”


According to people, the company has financed hundreds of millions of dollars in the cloud-based initiative over the past three years.

However, there are still gaps in its services. For instance, for users who want a chatbot, Apple has held discussions with Alphabet Inc.’s Google and OpenAI about integrating one into the iPhone and iPad.

Besides, discussions with OpenAI have recently intensified, suggesting that a partnership is very likely. 

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