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Apple Employs Over 23,000 Kenyan Remote Workers From Nairobi

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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According to Kenyan press reports, the President of Kenya recently stated that he was informed by Apple CEO Tim Cook in Silicon Valley that the company employs roughly 23,000 Kenyans, all of whom work from Nairobi.

President of Kenya

Discussions and responses to this claim on social media have prompted a closer examination of its viability in the context of Apple’s domestic and global operations.

President Of Kenya Statement On Apple’s Remote Workers From Kenya

The President of Kenya stated that Kenyans who are employed are working remotely during his remarks on Tuesday at the Global World Summit in Dubai.

“Apple’s Tim Cook told me when I visited Silicon Valley last year that his company now employs about 23,000 Kenyans, all of whom work from Nairobi,” the speaker stated.

“An experience I had a month ago in Kaiboi, a small village in rural Kenya, where I met a young diploma student, sharpens the possibilities of turning energy, technology, and our youth’s potential into something truly amazing. From his laptop, Brian Kipchumba works for a German AI company,” Ruto continued.

According to Ruto, he is more focused on the opportunities presented by the convergence of energy, technology, and Kenyan youth potential.

Regarding governance, Ruto stated that his administration is committed to automating public services and digitizing all government procedures so that people can access them whenever it is most convenient for them.

“We increased the percentage of government services that are available online from 5% to over 80% in the past year. By the end of the year, he stated, the government wants to be entirely digital.

Effect Of Apple’s Employment On Kenya’s Youth

He went on to say that this is an illustration of how technology can revolutionize the way that people realize their youth. President Ruto reaffirmed his dedication to utilizing Kenya’s energy, technology, and talent.

He highlighted Kenya’s inventive spirit, which is always trying to satisfy the needs of the people, offer effective service delivery, overcome difficulties, and turn roadblocks into opportunities.

Citizen’s Reaction To the President Of Kenya Statement

Many people thought that was utterly absurd and expressed their opinions about the president’s statement.

But after looking over the information, it seems likely that thousands of Kenyans are indirectly, maybe even covertly, employed by Apple.

Similar to numerous Silicon Valley firms, Apple hires contractors from outside companies, which primarily employ contractors from developing nations like Kenya.

It’s probable that thousands of Kenyans are employed by Apple given the growth of online employment in the country, which is believed to support tens of thousands of people.

President Ruto highlighted how the digital economy is enabling young Kenyans to work for foreign companies remotely, providing them with exciting career opportunities. President Ruto held talks with several African leaders, including Paul Kagame of Rwanda, on the fringes of the World Government Summit on Monday.

Prior to addressing the summit on government acceleration and transformation, President Ruto emphasized the importance of diplomatic ties and collaborations in fostering economic development and interregional cooperation.

Regarding trade and investment within East Africa and the African continent, Kenya and Rwanda share common values. He said in a statement on X that he “met President Paul Kagame of Rwanda on the sidelines of the World Governments Summit in Dubai, UAE.”


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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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