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Airtel Tanzania Expands its Coverage, Instals 30 New Towers

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Airtel Tanzania, a major telecommunication company, has decided to invest in infrastructures that will enhance the network coverage in the country.

Airtel Tanzania

This strategic action will produce a reliable, efficient, and secure communication system in various areas of the nation. 

Airtel Tanzania Managing Director Speaks On The Network Coverage

The Airtel Tanzania managing Director, Dinesh Balsingh, revealed Airtel has expanded its coverage by installing 30 new Towers. This initiative was born from the plan to boost network coverage in rural areas. 

According to Balsingh, the plan is to disburse 758 towers to these locations. This is a result of the strategic partnership of Airtel Tanzania with the government-led Universal Communications Service Access Fund (UCSAF). 

Airtel Tanzania also requested the government to reconsider the tax placed on mobile devices as this will enhance mobile penetration in rural areas. 

Tanzanian Government Removes Levy Placed On Mobile Airtime

Although Balsingh hailed the government’s decision to remove the levy placed on mobile airtime this encouraged the citizens to invest more in the networks. He stressed that the decision has had a positive effect in expanding fiber coverage in the nation. 

While making use of the GSMA report on Mobile Tax Policy and Digital Development, the Managing Director pointed out that about 72 percent of the citizens make use of mobile money services, this exhibits the important role of technology in expanding financial services. 

He further said that telecommunications is the catalyst for innovations as it gives people the opportunity to explore ideas and learn to make use of these ideas for the betterment of the country. 

He went on to urge the government to collaborate with the telecommunications industry to lead to experiencing the full positive effect of the ICT sector. 

Benefits of Airtel Tanzania Towers On Citizens 

After the towers have been rolled out in the nation, the benefits the nation will experience in the telecommunications sector will be tremendous. The tower installations will enhance the quality of communication, reduce the rate at which calls drop, and improve call clarity.

Airtel Tanzania

It also enhances internet connection which makes streaming, browsing, and downloading reliable and fast. 

It also makes it easy for Tanzanians to communicate with their loved ones who are far and wide apart in the country. The advantages are enormous as it opens other opportunities to serve the nation more. 

Benefits of Airtel Tanzania Towers On Businesses and Industries  

These installations will also benefit businesses and industries as they enable smoother communication among employees whether they work onsite or remotely. Also, businesses can advance better in technology and digital tools for more efficient operations. 

The e-commerce industry, online banking, and platforms are not left behind. With the coverage, they enjoy more customer engagement in the form of feedback, which enhances their operations as they make improvements to their products based on their customer’s feedback. 

The coverage will boost productivity, facilitate innovations, and open up more opportunities for the country. It is truly exciting news for Tanzanians and the country. 

Airtel has proved themselves to be an innovator as this is not the only project they are working on. You can read more here

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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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