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Top 21 AgriTech Companies and Startups in Nigeria in 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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AgriTech companies and startups in Nigeria are spearheading a change in the agricultural sector, leveraging cutting-edge technology to tackle longstanding challenges and unlock new opportunities. 

Agriculture is the backbone of Nigeria’s economy, providing employment for about 70% of the population and contributing significantly to the country’s GDP.

However, the sector has faced numerous challenges, including outdated farming techniques, inadequate infrastructure, and limited access to finance.

In recent years, AgriTech companies and startups have emerged to address these issues by leveraging technology to improve agriculture productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

These innovative enterprises are transforming traditional farming practices through digital platforms, precision agriculture, IoT devices, and biotechnology

By improving efficiency, productivity, and sustainability, AgriTech companies are enhancing food security and driving economic growth and development. 

In this post , we’ll review the top 21 AgriTech companies and startups in Nigeria in 2024, leading the charge in transforming the agricultural landscape.

What is Agritech?

AgriTech, short for agricultural technology, refers to the application of technology and innovation to improve the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of agricultural practices. 

This can encompass a wide range of tools and methods, including:

  • Digital Platforms: 

It connects farmers with investors, markets, and suppliers through online systems.

  • Precision Agriculture: 

This is Utilizing sensors, GPS, and data analytics to optimize the use of resources like water and fertilizers.

  • IoT (Internet of Things):

Agritech implements devices that collect real-time data on crop health, soil conditions, and weather to enhance decision-making.

  • Automation and Machinery:

It entails developing advanced machinery for planting, harvesting, and processing crops.

  • Biotechnology: 

Agritech applies genetic engineering and other biological techniques to enhance crop yields and resistance to pests and diseases.

  • Supply Chain Innovations:

It improves agricultural product logistics, storage, and distribution to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

AgriTech aims to address various challenges in agriculture, such as low productivity, limited access to finance, climate change, and inefficient supply chains, ultimately contributing to food security and economic growth.

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What are the top 21 AgriTech Companies and Startups in Nigeria?

The Leading Agritech Companies in Nigeria include:

1. FarmCrowdy

FarmCrowdy is Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform, connecting small-scale farmers with investors. It is one of the top agritech companies in 2024.

FarmCrowdy helps farmers improve crop yields and enhance food security by providing the necessary resources and training. Investors can sponsor farms and share profits, making agriculture more accessible and profitable.

2. Thrive Agric

Thrive Agric supports smallholder farmers by providing access to finance, quality inputs, and technical expertise.

Farmers can receive loans, buy seeds and fertilizers at discounted rates through their platform, and gain valuable insights into best farming practices.

Thrive Agric’s mission is to empower farmers and boost agricultural productivity, making it one of the leading agritech Companies.

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3. AFEX Commodities Exchange

AFEX Commodities Exchange focuses on creating efficient and transparent markets for agricultural products.

By providing a platform for farmers to sell their produce directly to buyers, AFEX helps eliminate middlemen and ensures fair pricing.

They also offer warehousing and financial services, reducing post-harvest losses and improving farmers’ income.

4. Releaf

Releaf is revolutionizing the processing of agricultural products in Nigeria.

Their technology-driven approach involves developing innovative machines and software to process crops more efficiently.

Releaf’s focus on value addition helps farmers increase their earnings and reduces the country’s reliance on imported processed foods.

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5. Farmforte

Farmforte is an impact-oriented company that leverages technology and innovation to enhance agricultural value chains.

They work across various segments, including production, processing, and export of agricultural products.

By improve supply chain efficiency, Farmforte aims to make Nigerian agriculture more competitive globally.

6. Hello Tractor

Hello Tractor, often called the “Uber for tractors,” connects tractor owners with smallholder farmers who need tractor services.

By enabling farmers to rent tractors at affordable rates, Hello Tractor helps improve farm productivity and reduce labor costs. Their technology also tracks tractor usage, ensuring optimal performance and maintenance.

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7. Probity Farms

Probity Farms combines precision agriculture and IoT (IoT) to enhance farm management.

Their platform provides farmers real-time data on soil health, weather conditions, and crop performance.

This information helps farmers make informed decisions, optimize resource use, and increase yields.

8. FarmDrive

FarmDrive uses data analytics and machine learning to provide credit scoring and financial services to smallholder farmers.

By analyzing various data points, including farm productivity and market trends, FarmDrive helps farmers access loans and improve their financial literacy.

This enables farmers to invest in their farms and grow their businesses.

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9. Zenvus

Zenvus is an AgriTech company that uses sensors and data analytics to optimize farm operations.

Their precision farming tools monitor soil moisture, temperature, and nutrient levels, helping farmers apply the right inputs at the right time.

Zenvus’s technology improves crop health and reduces waste, leading to higher yields and lower costs.

10. AgriHub Nigeria

AgriHub Nigeria is a co-working space and innovation center that fosters AgriTech startups.

They provide entrepreneurs with access to mentorship, funding, and networking opportunities.

By nurturing innovative ideas and facilitating collaboration, AgriHub Nigeria is helping to create a vibrant AgriTech ecosystem in the country.

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11. Fresh Direct Nigeria

Fresh Direct Nigeria focuses on urban farming and the use of hydroponics to grow fresh vegetables in urban areas.

Their farming systems are designed to be space-efficient and sustainable, reducing the need for pesticides and conserving water.

Fresh Direct’s approach addresses food security challenges and promotes healthy eating in cities.

12. Complete Farmer

Complete Farmer offers a digital platform that allows individuals to invest in agriculture without being directly involved in farming. 

Users can choose from various crops to invest in, and Complete Farmer handles all aspects of farm management, from planting to harvest. 

This model makes agriculture more accessible to urban dwellers and provides farmers with the capital to expand.

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13. eFishery

eFishery focuses on aquaculture, providing smart feeding solutions for fish farmers.

Their automated feeders use sensors to dispense the right amount of feed at the right time, optimizing growth and reducing waste.

eFishery’s technology helps fish farmers increase productivity and profitability while promoting sustainable practices.

14. Ojay Greene

Ojay Greene connects smallholder farmers with high-value markets by providing them with training, inputs, and market access.

Their platform aggregates produce from multiple farmers, ensuring consistent quality and quantity for buyers.

Ojay Greene helps farmers earn better prices for their produce by streamlining the supply chain.

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15. Verdant AgriTech

Verdant AgriTech develops software solutions to improve agricultural practices and supply chain management.

Their platform offers tools for farm planning, inventory management, and market linkages.

Verdant AgriTech’s technology helps farmers optimize their operations and connect with buyers more effectively.

16. ColdHubs

ColdHubs provides solar-powered cold storage solutions for perishable produce.

Their modular cold rooms are installed at markets and farms, helping extend the fruit and vegetable shelf life.

ColdHubs’ technology reduces post-harvest losses and ensures farmers can sell their produce at optimal prices.

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17. AgriCool

AgriCool focuses on improving the logistics and distribution of agricultural products.

Their platform connects farmers with transport services, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of produce to markets.

AgriCool’s technology reduces transportation costs and minimizes post-harvest losses, benefiting both farmers and consumers.

18. Vetsark

Vetsark provides digital solutions for livestock management and veterinary services. Their platform offers tools for tracking animal health, managing farm records, and accessing veterinary care.

Vetsark’s technology helps livestock farmers improve animal welfare and productivity, leading to higher income and better food security.

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19. Babban Gona

Babban Gona is a social enterprise that supports smallholder farmers with training, inputs, and market access. 

Their innovative model involves organizing farmers into cooperatives and providing them with the resources they need to succeed. 

Babban Gona’s approach has significantly increased yields and incomes for thousands of farmers.

20. Kitovu

Kitovu uses data analytics and mobile technology to optimize farm inputs and improve productivity. 

Their platform analyzes soil and crop data to provide personalized recommendations for fertilizers and pesticides. 

Kitovu’s technology helps farmers achieve better yields while reducing costs and environmental impact.

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21. AgroMall

AgroMall integrates digital tools and financial services to support smallholder farmers.

Their platform offers access to loans, inputs, and market information, helping farmers improve their productivity and profitability.

AgroMall’s holistic approach addresses farmers’ challenges, from finance to market access.


What is AgriTech?

AgriTech refers to the use of technology and innovation to enhance and optimize agricultural processes, including production, processing, and distribution.

Why is AgriTech important for Nigeria?

AgriTech is crucial for Nigeria as it helps address challenges such as low productivity, limited access to finance, and inefficient supply chains, ultimately improving food security and boosting the economy.

What are some common technologies used by AgriTech companies in Nigeria?

Common technologies include digital platforms for connecting farmers with investors, precision farming tools, data analytics, IoT devices for farm monitoring, and smart logistics solutions.

How do AgriTech companies support smallholder farmers?

AgriTech companies support smallholder farmers by providing access to finance, quality inputs, technical expertise, market access, and digital tools for farm management.

What is the role of FarmCrowdy in Nigeria’s AgriTech sector?

FarmCrowdy connects small-scale farmers with investors, providing them with resources and training to improve crop yields and profitability.

How does Thrive Agric help farmers?

Thrive Agric offers loans, discounted seeds and fertilizers, and technical advice to smallholder farmers to enhance productivity and financial stability.

How does Releaf contribute to agriculture in Nigeria?

Releaf develops machines and software for efficient crop processing, adding value and reducing reliance on imported processed foods.

What is unique about Hello Tractor?

Hello Tractor connects tractor owners with farmers needing tractor services, improving farm productivity and reducing labor costs.

How does eFishery improve aquaculture?

eFishery provides automated feeders that use sensors to optimize fish feeding, enhancing growth and reducing waste.

What is the overall impact of AgriTech companies on Nigeria’s agriculture?

AgriTech companies are transforming Nigeria’s agriculture by improving efficiency, productivity, and sustainability, enhancing food security, and contributing to economic growth.


The AgriTech sector in Nigeria is rapidly evolving, with innovative companies and startups driving significant changes in agriculture. 

These top 21 AgriTech companies and startups in 2024 are leveraging technology to address the challenges faced by smallholder farmers, improve productivity, and promote sustainability.

By fostering a more efficient and transparent agricultural ecosystem, these companies are enhancing food security and contributing to Nigeria’s economic growth and development.

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