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Silicon Africa Technologies

Silicon Africa Technologies (SAT) is a digital agency specialized in Brand Visibility, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Web Content Creation, Website development, Product Design and Development. We are a team of young experts, who continuously develop tech products that improve humanity and drive hidden customer/clients to designated brand location.


Our Vision

Becoming the leading innovative technology brand in Africa emerging from south east Nigeria.

Our Mission

To put Africa on the digital innovation global map by training and supporting young and crazy innovators and tech companies in Africa.

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Our core values

The Core values of Silicon Africa Technologies

At the core of our existence, we embed a "SLICE" of perfection that guides our growth and output;

  • Service : We exist to serve humanity through innovative tech products
  • Leadership : Raising leaders with the influence, passion, and personal capacity to effect positive change.
  • Innovation : Making changes in established products and introducing new products that help human capital development.
  • Constant Learning : Discovering better ways and opportunities to innovate through learning
  • Excellent : Giving utmost satisfaction to our clients in all services and products.

Our services

• Digital Marketing
• Blogging
• Software Development
• Product Development
• Graphics Design