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Speculation: MTN will Increase data price in South Africa

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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MTN South Africa has noted a ripple in average data consumption by its subscribers. The average MTN user consumes 12.9GB/month and the average prepaid user uses 3.3GB/month. However, the company has said it intends to modify data prices in the current quarter. The move to modify data prices could have an impact on the rapid growth in demand.

MTN To Increase Data Price

MTN To Increase Data Price

This news comes at a time when data consumption is at an all-time high, which is driven by increased reliance on the Internet for daily activities. 

The telecommunication company said: “MTN South Africa is revising its above-the-line and CVM data bundle portfolios. This includes fixed-wireless access and the changes will be effective in the second quarter to improve effective pricing.”

The company cited the factors below as reasons behind the potential price hikes.

  • Increasing demand for data
  • The need for network infrastructure upgrades
  • The fluctuating global currency exchange rates 

However, it’s the opposite for voice calls, which continued to decline in the first quarter. The decline is at a slower pace than in previous years at -5%. That compares with -16% in the same quarter last year and -9.8% in the fourth quarter of 2023. 

MTN To Increase Data Price Due To Demand 

Data continues to be a “key growth driver for MTN South Africa. Also, it shows a strong growth momentum as active data users grew by 6.1% year on year to 20.4 million. Besides, residential broadband remains a big focus for MTN South Africa, with its strategy focused on growing fixed-wireless access and fiber to the home. 

Upgrading network infrastructure is crucial to accommodate the growing data traffic and ensure smooth connectivity for its subscribers. However, these upgrades come at a significant financial cost.

Challenges To MTN Data Price Increment

The potential MTN data price hikes in South Africa are likely to be met with resistance from consumer advocacy groups. 

These organizations are likely to scrutinize any proposed price adjustments and push for transparency from MTN regarding the justification for the increases. Additionally, regulatory bodies like the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA)will undoubtedly play a critical role in overseeing any potential MTN data price hikes in South Africa. 

ICASA will ensure that any price adjustments comply with fair competition practices and do not disproportionately burden consumers. 


There are alternative solutions MTN could explore before resorting to outright price hikes. These could include offering tiered data plans with varying price points to cater to different usage needs. 

Additionally, MTN could focus on optimizing its network efficiency to reduce operational costs without directly impacting consumer prices.

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