Top 7 Shopping Malls in Owerri

Making choices about where to shop is as important as what to buy. Because top-notch malls offer you incredible products, it is important to us that you make the perfect choices every time you go shopping.

For residents and intending residents of Owerri city, choosing a good mall for a high-end shopping experience could be a little tricky because of the availability of several malls in the city.

These top 7 malls in Owerri will prove to be answers to the savvy shopper’s quest for a complete shopping experience.

Have you ever had a frustrating shopping experience?! After investing time, money and energy in shopping at just any mall?! Like, you select and wear your favourite shopping clothes, pick up a carry-on bag or two and sing along to your car or the bus station. Whether you drive yourself, take a bus or are driven to the mall, your primary expectation at the mall is always that consumer satisfaction, right?!

Now imagine getting to this mall in all your excitement and boom, all you get, from the availability of products to customer service, is a big, disappointing flop. Too frustrating innit?! Well, that’s how wrong a shopping experience can go.

Nobody deserves a disappointing shopping experience, not you, certainly. And because we know this, we have taken the liberty to provide you with a detailed description of the top 7 malls in Owerri city in the preceding paragraphs.

At the end of this read, you will be able to make the perfect choice of a mall on your next shopping trip.

Why Should I Shop in a Mall?

Many shoppers question the hype of a shopping mall. They would rather pick up items from a local stall than a mall. Anyways, there are several reasons why we all need shopping malls, because, whatever the need, the mall is always designed to satisfy all kinds of consumer wants.

Firstly and more importantly, you are assured of getting very authentic and original products in a mall. Every mall management understands that the success of the business lies solely on consumer satisfaction, thus, products on display in a good mall are authentic, original and safe for consumers.

Unlike regular open market stalls, where vendors are not necessarily focused on consumer satisfaction but rather concerned with just profit-making.

What you need to know is that a good shopping mall enables you to have a defined-shopping. Moving from stall to stall in an open market has never been a pleasurable experience for anyone, it just leaves you really tired and stressed out. That is where a shopping mall comes right in, to the rescue.

A shopping mall helps limit your movement while shopping, yet exposing you to various available products on display. Let’s just say, it leaves you with a variety of options to choose from, while reducing stressful movement. You can do all that shopping under one roof. See?!

Shopping in a mall further exposes you to more options of available product or services. Imagine being able to choose from a variety of products, designers and services all in one location? That is the advantage a shopping mall affords you.

Did I mention time? A shopping mall reduces the amount of time you spend in a regular open market by half.

See it this way, in a mall, every product is arranged on a shelf in rows, labelled, price-tagged and signs boards, showing which rows have what products. Thus, saving you movement and price-haggle time. Isn’t this so soothing just thinking about it?!

Convenience is also one very vital advantage of shopping in a mall. Where, your needs and wants are pooled in one building, arranged, distinguished according to uses and tagged with prices.

Therefore, you need not haggle price from one stall to another. What could be more convenient than this, please?! Undeniably nothing else.

Now you know why you need a mall, you can definitely enjoy shopping in malls in Owerri city more often.

What Is the Purpose of a Mall?

The purpose of a mall is simply to give you a better, less stressful and even joyful shopping experience. All across the globe, as the world evolves, we keep seeking better ways to improve our standards of living, by finding advanced and more productive ways of doing things.

A mall is a 21st-century design to ease stressful buying. It offers you all the comfort shopping can give by locating every possible consumer want in a fixed location.

It even makes payment options very accessible. Hence, you can electronically pay for products or services at the mall, rather than in cash, for lovers of e-banking.

A mall is multi-purpose. All your needs; from a wide variety of authentic products to fair prices, various designers, restaurants, gaming zone, cinemas, food courts and a variety of cuisines, studio houses, restrooms and every other imaginable want, are all pooled in one location to offer you every comfort you can afford in no time.

You will find the top shopping complex in Owerri multi-purposeful.

Characteristics of a Good Shopping Complex

We will itemize the qualities of a good mall to enable you make the best decision in your choice of where to shop.

Good malls should have the following basics;

  • Accessibility to good roads: you should be able to get to a good shopping complex from whatever part of town. This is non-negotiable.

    Good malls know the import of accessibility, they know consumers need be able to reach the premises without worrying about how to navigate traffic or other road hiccups to get to them.
  • Further, a good mall should be located strategically in a city’s metropolis. Where any consumer can readily find available means of transportation from any part of the city.
  • Convenient business hours: imagine going to the mall late-afternoon, only to find it closed for the day.

    A good mall should have convenient business hours that will accommodate all class of consumers from professionals, government workers, students, sole proprietors to retirees, etc.

    Convenient working hours span from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm in the night. This should work for all consumers.
  • Availability of basic and advanced products: Necessarily, a good mall must have basic, everyday products that are in regular demand.

    Every good mall knows the importance of having its consumers find their demands in the building. If you’re contemplating shopping at the mall, remember to check how readily available products are known to be there.
  • A wide variety of products: Having basic and necessary products is one thing, but having a variety of these products is another key necessity.

    A good shopping complex must have regular, basic and advanced products that will give consumers several options to choose from.
  • Restroom facilities: Malls without restrooms could amount to a complete disaster. Often, consumers need a restroom after seeing a movie or having some drinks while at the mall. It thus would be unimaginable, if a mall has no restrooms.

    We do not advise you to shop in malls without good conveniences, because, emergencies could crop up and leave you utterly embarrassed.

    So please, always confirm the availability of a good restroom within a mall before you go shopping there.
  • Range of stores; every good and maybe top-notch mall must have a range of stalls to enable you make defined choices. Range of stalls would include, movie theatres, gaming zones, food courts with varieties of cuisines, drug stores, boutiques, Hair salons etc.
  • Professional and Superb Customer Service: every consumer wants a complete shopping experience, whether from the use of available products on display or the customer service offered.

    Good malls know this. It informs their choice in the delivery of professional customer services. Consequently, do not settle for any mall that has poor customer service delivery, it could ruin a pleasant shopping experience for you.
  • Another characteristic of a good supermarket is the availability of a warranty for products on display. Warranty on products is a guarantee that products are of high quality and are bankable.

    It further will allow consumers to be able to switch faulty products for better ones without losing their monies.

    This should also help you identify the best malls in Owerri city of Imo state.
  • Additionally, a good mall should have a large parking facility that can accommodate as many cars of consumers as possible. You shouldn’t have to worry about where you would park your car when going to a good mall.
  • However, if a mall has no good parking space for consumers, it is advisable not to use such a mall, to avoid incurring charges from parking in wrong spaces.

Do Malls Offer Authentic products?

One best feature of a mall is the authenticity of products and services. It is almost trite now to say that good shopping malls thrive on the authenticity of their products and services.

To compete in the business world, every good mall relies on the quality of goods and services they can afford their consumers. Therefore, it is their priority to ensure that every consumer want is immensely satisfied.

Accordingly, every good mall provides consumers with quality, authentic and original products and services. This way, they build their integrity and brand faster.

We advise that you go to a good mall always for authentic and quality products and services. They always have a way of giving you the perfect consumer satisfaction.

Can I find affordable products in a Mall?

As a savvy shopper, one of your deepest concerns when going shopping would be the affordability of your desired products and services. We can imagine you asking, “Can their products carry my budget?”

Here is the great news, every good mall has great, affordable products and services on display. It gets even better, you have access to choose from a variety of quality products at very customer friendly prices.

So, if a brand of salt is above your budget, your certain to get another brand of salt that will match your budget, yet healthy and very consumable.

Get going to the mall already, great prices are always a part of shopping centers.

Top Shopping Malls in Owerri

Deciding on where to go shopping could be quite frustrating. In attempting to counter this frustration, we have listed 7 top malls in Owerri and what to expect from shopping there.

You will find these top malls very exciting and rewarding, especially because they offer good products at affordable prices. Furthermore, we have ranked these malls in order of excellence.

Our ranking is based on a survey, established on each malls’ accessibility to good roads, location, availability of products, the authenticity of products, variety of available products, consumer-friendly prices, customer service delivery, parking space, consumer experience and consumer satisfaction.

One thing that unifies all the malls mentioned below, is the constant power supply they all have. Consumers need not worry about power outage while shopping in any of this malls.

#1. Shoprite Owerri, Imo (Owerri Mall)

Malls in Owerri; Shoprite

This is one of the best malls in Owerri, if not the best. Commonly called ‘Shoprite’ by residents of Owerri city, this mall houses a plethora of stalls; movie theatres, gaming zones, food courts with varieties of cuisines, Drug stores, Boutiques, Hair salons and Electronic stalls.

Like most big malls, Shoprite opens for business by 9.00 am and closes by 8.00 pm. This provides consumers with a workable schedule to enjoy shopping at their convenience.

Everything a consumer will require can be found in Shoprite or the various stalls within the building. From fresh fruits to tastefully baked pastries, groceries, household utensils, various brands of soft drinks, assorted wine, freshly cooked meals, iced poultry produce, assorted seafood, etc. simply, everything desirable and consumable to customers re available.

More so, products in Shoprite are quality, authentic and original. It will further interest you to know that you have a variety of available products to choose from within this mall. From surveyed user experiences, it is on record that products are readily available within this mall.

You should also know that the said mall is located in a very conspicuous part of town on Egbu Road, which is traffic-free, and safe for all road users. Thus, you should be able to reach Shoprite from any part of Owerri city, without any road hitches.

Fabulously, Shoprite has a ‘return goods policy’ for damaged-on-purchase products. This should really excite you, especially because, you can return and recover your monies if a product is damaged. This totally includes sour foods purchased at the mall too.

Also, Shoprite has the largest parking facility in the entire state. So even if you choose to go shopping with 2 or more cars, Shoprite has you covered.

It is worthy of mention that prices of goods in Shoprite are not exactly consumer-friendly.

Though anyone can shop at the mall, because of the availability of various products on display at varying prices, it would appear, however, that Shoprite is a mall for the elite and middle class.

Nonetheless, we are very positive that whatever your social class, you will have a great shopping experience within the Shoprite complex.

#2. MarketSquare

Malls in Owerri; MarketSquare

MarketSquare is one of Nigeria’s emergent grocery retail supermarkets, with one of the best prices around. The mall’s tagline, “find more, pay less” attests to the high-end experience consumer will enjoy at this mall.

Located at Orlu Road, a very strategic and highly accessible part of the city, just before the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), MarketSquare is one of the top malls in Owerri.

This mall gives you a relevant retail shopping experience. You have a variety of products at seemingly affordable prices, especially compared to other top malls in the city.

If you’re looking o buy a variety of prepared and packed foods, freshly baked foods, wines and spirits, fresh fruits, small domestic appliances etc, MarketSquare serves the daily needs of every consumer of whatever class.

Very interestingly, MarketSquare stocks and promotes Nigerian made products, promising product-patriotic consumers an exciting and fulfilling shopping experience in the mall.

Additionally, MarketSquare opens for business at 9.00 am in the morning and loses for business at 8.00 pm in the night. However, cashiers at the pay point may not be as friendly as seen in other malls in the city.

Given that the parking facility at MarketSquare could pass for ‘insufficient,’ as it does not equal the number of intended shoppers at the mall, going by the size of the display room, you might have a little concern about where to park your car within the premises. We consider this almost inconsequential, however.

It is our thoughts that you focus on the great prices and quality products available rather than on the size of the parking space. This should enable you have a superb shopping experience still.

#3. SaveMore MarketPlace (SaveMore)

Malls in Owerri; SaveMore Market Place

Said to be a revolution in Owerri business sector, even though this leaves us wondering what Shoprite has been all along, SaveMore offers residents of Owerri City a breathe of newness and, for residents of Orji area of the city and its environs; ease of transportation.

So if you live in the Orji area of Imo state and its environs, you have been blessed with a top-notch shopping complex to meet your daily needs and beyond.

This does not in anyway oust the reality that SaveMore is in a very accessible part of town. Though its location is not central like Shoprite and MarketSquare with very centralized location, however, it is easily accessible to all consumers from all over town. You will be able to access SaveMore by Orji fly over, where it is tactically located.

We also like you to note that this mall is in its wake in the city (inception was on Friday, 13th December 2019) and thus offers consumers very friendly prices in its bid to attract more consumers.

It is only advisable that you make good of this opportunity to stock your house amidst quality products and great prices. You’re assured of quality products at this mall, don’t forget this important fact when you’re deciding what mall in Owerri to go shopping.

This sophisticated mall offers consumers luxurious choices of goods products from fashion, cosmetics, food, exquisite bakery, to groceries and at very affordable rates.

Further more, this mall has a modestly large parking space. Thus, you don’t have to worry too much about parking your car, but you should go early on your shopping days, so you secure a good parking space.

If you desire an optimized, top-notch shopping experience, you may want to check out all the goodness SaveMore offers consumers. They are open for business from 9.00 am every morning and closed by 8.00 pm every night.

#4. Priceless Store and Groceries (Priceless)


With neatly arranged shelves and tucked away somewhere in New Owerri, Priceless stores and Groceries speaks of class and affordability merged together.

Situate at plot 12b Off Port Harcourt Road Youth Center Layout, Concord Hotel Bouvlevard, New Owerri, Priceless stays through to its name tactically.

If you live in New Owerri and its Environs, here is one top-notch groceries and everyday-need supermarket to shop in.

One unique feature of Priceless is the availability of diverse human and raw hair wigs and weaves, plus cosmetics for women. Though other good malls in Owerri offer consumers such products too, but Priceless dedicates an entire section to this feminine-goodness. We feel the excitement from the women already.

Elite and middle-class women can go in there and be assured of leaving with beautiful hairs of any choice, length and comfort. Interestingly, a stationed attendant is always readily available to work you through your hair choices. We’re almost compelled to say, “Go already,” cause we are as excited as you.

However, we would rather say, “Please take your time, but hurry up too.” We do not want you meeting the hair section out-of-stock, even though you can be assured that Priceless will not necessarily allow consumers to meet a section out-of-stock.

Beyond good hairs and weaves or cosmetics, Priceless is an enigma of quality stationary, classroom materials; note books, jotters, unique erasers, sharpeners, pencils, pens, authentic groceries, wines, soft drink, toiletries, assorted snacks and pastries, freshly baked assorted bread, cakes, pies, just anything a consumer requires.

The mall also has a limited but rich fashion section of classic wares for babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults, men and women.

You can also buy very classy furniture and fittings at this mall. Whatever you needs, Priceless Stores contemporarily meets same, while offering you a range of competitive high quality and authentic products.

Compared to some of its competitors, Priceless offers you best consumer friendly prices in New Owerri and its immediate environs.

What should pose a little concern is the location of the mall. The mall sits in a near hidden part of town. Though still very accessible, if you worry about shopping in malls situate in lonely places, you may not be very comfortable shopping at Priceless.

However, if quality and affordability drives you over lonely environment, Priceless is for you.

Also, customer service at Priceless is comforting. You are immediately attended to at the pay points at your turn.

More so, you do not have to worry about wasting time at payment points, Cashiers at Priceless are efficient and quick in dispensing their duties.

For car owners, Priceless assures you of a modest parking facility within and immediately outside the mall’s premises.

The mall also provides well-trained security details that ensure consumers’ cars are not parked at owners’ risk. Note that Business begins at 9.00 am and closes at 8.00 pm at Priceless stores.

By now, you should have developed an obsession to shop at Priceless already. Be assured that you will not be disappointed.

#5. Everyday Supermarket, Owerri (Everyday)

Simply known as ‘Everyday’ by residents of Owerri, this supermarket has two popular locations in Owerri, one at World Bank area of the city and the other at Ikenegbu Area, by Cherubim Junction on Whetheral road.

Thus, whatever part of town, any consumer can readily access both locations of Everyday supermarket.

Good enough, products are readily available in both malls at the same prices, though, where a product is out in one mall, it is almost possible you will find the said product at the other mall. This gives Everyday an advantage most malls in Owerri do not have.

Also, Everyday is known to have an impressive variety of biscuits and cookies, in addition to the wide collection of groceries, furniture and fittings, household utensils, a variety of cosmetics, a huge collection of toiletries, sanitary towels and baby products.

Though their prices have been said to vary by consumers, we acknowledge that Everyday is one of the most affordable supermarkets in the city. Every class of consumer can readily afford choice products at both malls.

Amusingly though, both branches of Everyday supermarket share tight parking space in common. Car owners may have to worry about parking space at Everyday Supermarket outlets.

However, for the outlet at Cherubim junction, some banks immediately around can provide consumers with an unofficial parking space, which might be quite inconveniencing still, as you will be required to cross over to the road to access the mall.

We also cannot provide information or guaranty on the authenticity of every available product at both outlets of the mall, as some consumers have questioned the quality of some items purchased at these outlets in Owerri city.

It is thus advisable that you know how to identify authentic products, especially cosmetics and toiletries, while shopping at Everyday supermarket outlets in Owerri.

Everyday’s customer service is also commendable as cashiers dispense with their duties briskly. So, no worries, you will not have to wait too long to have your purchase calculated at the pay point, once it is your turn.

For Everyday supermarket, both outlets open for busines by 9.00 am and close for business by 8.00 pm.

#6. Estevia Supermarket (Estevia)


Though not as big as the other top malls in Owerri, Estevia Supermarket strives to provide consumers very satisfied, especially through the brilliant customer service.

Cited at No. 39 Civic Estate, Concord Avenue, New Owerri, this supermarket is accessible as it is conspicuous. Nonetheless, it is in a seeming lonely part of the city.

Estevia offers a very exciting range of products, from groceries, furniture and fittings, household utensils, stationery, classy fashion room, etc. Though the mall is not known to have a bakery

However, Estevia has a combination of very regular and good quality products. It is the perfect supermarket for every class of consumer.

Estevia basically has one of the poorest parking spaces among the top malls in Owerri. Not up to 7 cars can comfortably park in the road-side parking facility.

Prices are nonetheless very consumer-friendly. Thus you may consider this mall a perfect shopping place for your daily needs. Business opens at Estevia by 9.00 am and closes at 8.00 pm.

#7. Destiny SuperMarket


Located at Plot 124, Ikenegbu Layout, Owerri, Imo state, this is the one stop shop for very affordable toiletries. Conveniently for intending shoppers, business opens at Destiny supermarket by 9.00 am and closes by 6.00 pm.

Users have been known to applaud the very friendly consumer prices of toiletries, including perfumes at Destiny supermarket.

We will have you further note that though this supermarket may not be in the class of other top malls in Owerri, however, it answers to the needs of every class of consumer in the society. You can very readily afford available products at Destiny Supermarket.

Prices of products at the supermarket are not too different from the prices of products in the open market.

So if you love your groceries, household items, snacks, toiletries. baby products, etc well arranged and itemized at the mall at a very friendly near-market price, then Destiny supermarket offers you all that goodness.

Maris Supermarket (Maris)


Additionally, you can visit Maris supermarket on a lazy shopping day, when you do not require any extra shopping efforts.

Also note that Maris supermarket is a groceries mall and thus, products outside groceries may not readily be available.

More so, the prices of available products are consumer-friendly at Maris. This should help you save more but shop more. Savvy shoppers should be delighted at this information already.

Well, while you’re at it, also note that Maris has basically regular products and not necessarily the quality of products you will find at top-notch malls.

Further more, Maris doesn’t boast of a robust parking space, hence may not be your first choice of a mall if where to park your car is a priority, when at a mall.

All in all, you should be able to have a homely shopping experience at Maris supermarket.


Knowledge, has been tritely held to be power. Power because it gives you an advantage over consequences of ignorance.

Knowing where to shop and what to expect from the top 7 malls in Owerri should enable have a stress free, complete all-in-all shopping experience in the city. It also solves the frustration of deciding where to do your shopping while in Owerri. Now you know not just where to shop, but what to expect while having the total shopping experience.

In their listed order; Shoprite, MarketSquare, SaveMore, Priceless, Everyday, Estevia, and Destiny malls in Owerri are every savvy shoppers’ answer to the quest for a defined, top-notch shopping experience in the city of Owerri.


What is the most popular mall in Owerri?

The most popular mall in Owerri is Shoprite Owerri, commonly called ‘Shoprite’ by residents in the city.

What time do malls open for business?

Generally, most big malls open for business at 9.00 am and close at 8.00 pm. Though a new development may arise to warrant special arrangements. However, different opening and closing time are always communicated to consumers.

What type of goods are sold in a mall?

Several products can be found in the mall. From prepared and packed foods, to freshly baked foods, assorted wines and spirits, fresh fruits, small domestic appliances, stationery, classroom materials; notebooks, jotters, unique erasers, sharpeners, pencils, pens, authentic groceries, wines, soft drink, toiletries, assorted snacks and pastries, freshly baked assorted bread, cakes, pies, just anything a consumer requires.

What are the top malls in Owerri?

Listed in their order, top malls in Owerri are;
Shoprite Owerri,
SaveMore MarketPlace,
Priceless Store and Groceries,
Everyday Supermarket,
Estevia Supermarket and
Destiny Supermarket.

Which is the most accessible mall in Owerri?

The most accessible mall in Owerri city is Shoprite Owerri. The mall is strategically located in a very conspicuous part of town on Egbu Road, which is traffic-free, and safe for all road users. It further has the largest parking facility in the entire Imo state.
However, MarketSquare is also accessible where it is situated on Orlu road, though its parking facility is barely enough for its intended consumers.

Which malls offer the lowest prices?

The best lowest prices can be gotten from the following malls in Owerri;
SaveMore MarketPlace,
Destiny Supermarket,
Estevia Supermarket
Priceless Store and Groceries,
Everyday Supermarket and
Shoprite Owerri.

What time do malls close for business?

Mostly, several big malls close for business at 8.00 pm, while the open for businesses 9. 00 am. Though a new development may arise to warrant special arrangements.


  1. South Africa Retail Stores
  2. MarketSquare
  3. Anaedo Online
  4. Vymaps
  5. Maris Supermarket

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